Haunted Savannah Hotels

Savannah Spirits & Hauntings

With so much history here in Savannah, it’s no wonder many of our guests report encounters with the supernatural. Our inns even glean attention from local ghost tours for its haunted reputation. No need to be scared; our ghosts are the friendly kind.

Be Haunted by the Beauty and The Charm of Savannah, GA

East Bay Inn

Step back in time at this historic inn and indulge in a little eerie fun. East Bay Inn was built in 1852, just steps away from the dark waters of the Savannah River. Guests have often reported seeing the inn's ghost, affectionately named "Charley" by the staff. In 2001, a guest captured Charley's image in a photograph.

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Eliza Thompson House

The Eliza Thompson House has its share of ghostly sightings, including Confederate soldiers in an upstairs window and a young girl wearing a white dress in the hallway. This 1847 home is the perfect place to "capture the spirit" of haunted Savannah, GA.

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The Kehoe House

Ghost stories about at the Kehoe House, which was built in 1892.  The William Kehoe family lived in the house, and it's become one of the more popular stops on local Ghost Tour trolleys.

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The Marshall House

The Marshall House opened in 1851, and has a history that's very conducive to ghostly experiences. It's been used as a hospital three times…twice during Savannah's 19th century yellow fever epidemics and by the Union Army during the Civil War. Ghosts have been reported in the hallways and in some rooms. This famously haunted hotel in Savannah has been featured several times on the Travel Channel's haunted hotel programs and specials.

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Olde Harbour Inn

Olde Harbour Inn is home to "Hank," the most-often sited ghost among the 7 inns in the Bed and Breakfasts of Savannah collection. Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, experienced things moving around, seeing coins dropping on the floor and more. Explore Savannah's spookier side at Olde Harbour Inn.

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